2007 Albuquerque, NM Convention Chronicles

¡Viva la Flauta! was the rallying cry of participants in the 35th annual NFA Convention in Albuquerque, featuring the flute community in concert, recital, presentations, choirs, competitions, and new and renewed friendship-making. The pages posted here feature images and accounts of the convention, held August 9–12, 2007. Thanks to writers Ginny Atherton, John Bailey, Holly Clemans, Mia Dreese, Kimberlee Goodman, Nicole Esposito, Phyllis Louke, Sandy Duffy Norman, Chris Potter, Rosene Rohrer, Ali Ryerson, and Sharon Winton. Photographs were taken and/or provided by Brian Covington, Mia Dreese, Paula Gudmundson, Lisa Fahlstrom, Phyllis Louke, Sam Louke, and Karen Moratz.