August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

The Inclusive Flute Studio

Presented by the NFA Cultural Outreach Committee, this panel explored issues for cultural awareness and diversity in the studio setting. Jennifer Grim moderated with questions that let to self-reflection and mindfulness of personal and institutional cultural biases. Panelists included flute professionals with varied teaching backgrounds and experiences.

Jennifer Grim

Janel Caine, Nora Lee Garcia, James Miller, Holly Saks, Kelly Sulick, and Julee Kim Walker discussed strategies in repertoire building, recruitment, retention, and engagement. They provided insightful ideas by sharing their personal accounts on being a minority student in the flute studio.

Some of the main take-aways for this session were how to foster a relationship based on trust between teacher and students and how to develop empathy to the individual journeys our students transit daily in their own cultural and social environments.

—Mariana Gariazzo