August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Building a Stronger Flute Club Panel


The National Flute Association recognizes that regional and local flute nonprofits do foundational work in building flute communities across our country. Its annual flute club panel brings together a team of experts to discuss pressing issues for leaders in local and regional nonprofit flute organizations.

This year’s panel was put together by Kelly Sulick, the chair of the NFA Flute Clubs committee. Eight individuals served on the 2018 panel.

  • Katherine Borst-Jones, the panel’s moderator, the advisor to the Central Ohio Flute Association, and a member of the flute faculty at Ohio State University;
  • Heidi Alvarez, a member of the flute faculty at Western Kentucky University, previous treasurer of the Flute Society of Kentucky, and Mid-South Flute Society member;
  • Cindy Bruce, the executive director of the Florida Flute Association;
  • Lindsay Leach-Sparks, a member of the faculty at the University of Akron, a previous faculty member at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, a board member of the Raleigh Flute Association, and a social media specialist;
  • Linda Mintener, the NFA’s legal advisor and a member of the Madison (Wisconsin) Flute Club;
  • Ellen Johnson Mosley, a member of the faculty at Morehead State University, vice president of the Flute Society of Kentucky, previous president of the Austin Flute Society, and previous board member of the Tack Flute Foundation;
  • Erica Pirtle, immediate past president of the Atlanta Flute Club; and
  • Rosene Rohrer, founding member of the 34-year-old Raleigh Area Flute Association.

Since the panelists fielded a lot of varied, specific questions, this panel was tailored to the needs of audience members. All had opportunities to participate and share ideas and questions about what might work in their flute societies or clubs. A great deal of interest was generated for legal issues, online content, and event programming.

This event encouraged me both as a participant in the panel and as an observer of the answers of all of my colleagues. My takeaway is that the better we can help local and regional flute organizations reach their goals, the more we can do for flutists of all ages and levels.

—Ellen Johnson Mosley