August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Art Venture Competition and Results

In 2014, the National Flute Association began the brand-new Arts Venture Competition at the Chicago Convention. This biennial competition rewards new thinking and viable, innovative ideas with a $2,000 award for the winning proposal. Each finalist (or finalist team) prepares a 15-minute presentation to the audience and our three distinguished judges, who this year consisted of Molly Barth, Lillian Burkart, and Greg Pattillo. 

The competition calls for projects that demonstrate creativity, added value to the flute community, and potential for success, examples of which could be a new kind of collaboration with community arts organizations, an online course, a series of performances, or an outreach program. Finalists (individuals or teams) receive a certificate and the winner or winning team receives a $2,000 award. The winner must submit a report documenting how the award was spent over the course of the following nine months and is invited to speak at the following year’s convention at the Career Mini-Conferences.

2014 Arts Venture Competition Finalists:
Leonard Garrison - L’Atelier de flute: French Intermediate Flute Repertoire
Meg Griffith, Rik Noyce: Whole Musician: Mind, Movement, Music
Shelley Martinson, Ashley Shank (not present at the convention), Elizabeth Robinson, David Graham - Flute New Music Consortium 
Melinda Ostrander-Aviles - Flute Troops: Scouting for Flutists

2014 Arts Venture Competition Winner: Flute New Music Consortium, by Shelley Martinson, Elizabeth Robinson, and David Graham

Melinda Ostrander-Aviles, Leonard Garrison, and Shelley Martinson

As an audience member this year I was blown away by the depth of each proposal and the support the NFA is giving to entrepreneurs in our field. Each proposal sought to address key areas within the flute community and encouraged a type of generosity to flutists of all ages and levels that really touched me. The Career and Artistic Development Committee has spent years putting together the vision for this competition and I’m delighted to see it come to pass. Take a moment to visit the links to each of the finalists and consider sponsoring the 2016 Arts Venture Competition or getting involved with any of the current finalists’ projects. We hope to continue to develop opportunities for flutists like this and will feature the Flute New Music Consortium at the 2015 Career Mini-Conference at the NFA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

—Ellen J Mosley

photo by Brian Covington