August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Flute Choir Showcase #4

In the first half of this Flute Choir Showcase, University of Texas at El Paso Flautistas! performed an impressive program entirely by memory, without a conductor. It was refreshing to see such an accomplished group perform without being encumbered with music stands. The program included Mozart’s Overture from The Magic Flute, Mendelsson’s Life Thine Eyes from Elijah, Dvorak’s “Allegretto grazioso” from Symphony No. 8, traditional Mexican folksongs “La Bruja” and “La Bamba,” and Jobim’s The Girl from Ipanema.

The skilled Orquesta Nacional de Flautas de Mexico, dressed with colorful accessories reflecting their country, performed many traditional Mexican songs, including Popurri Mexicano; Jarabe, a Claire Scandrett; and Mosaico Tapatio as well as Ponce’s Estrellita with flute solo by Evangelina Reyes; Tchaikovsky’s Chaikojqui; Tomas Mendez’s Cucurrucucu Paloma; and Ruben Flores’ Mexico Magico.

—Phyllis Louke