August 2017 Convention
Minneapolis, MN

Louke 10,000 Lakes Flute Orchestra

The 10,000 Flute Orchestra, conducted by Pamela Youngblood, was approximately 250 strong, according to coordinator Kathy Farmer. For many, this traditional ensemble—consisting of convention participants themselves, who rehearse prior to the concert—is a highlight of the convention, at least in part because of its massive size. (Although this year’s ensemble was the largest of recent years, the orchestra typically numbers more than 200.)

This year’s group had plenty of low flutes to balance the large numbers of concert flutes. The program was diverse and challenging, and the large group rose to the occasion with a fabulous performance. The program included the world premiere of Jonathan Cohen’s “Flute Joy!”, John Buckley’s Fantasia and Variations on Irish Melodies, John Philip Sousa’s “Daughters of Texas,” arranged by Guerra, “Hopak” by Peter Senchuk, “Fantasia on Red River Valley” by Kelly Via, “Angry Tunes” by Michal Rosiak, “Showtime!” by Keiron Anderson, Peter Senchuk’s The Magic of the Movies with flute soloist Sheridan Stokes, and Valerie Coleman’s “Fire Dance.”

The 10,000 Flute Orchestra

photo by Brian Covington

—Phyllis Avidan Louke