August 2017 Convention
Minneapolis, MN

Flute Choir Lunchtime Lobby Concert No. 3

The International Flute Orchestra, conducted by John Bailey, performed Shaul Ben-Meir’s arrangement of Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, “Innes Glas Mor” by Lisa LeMay, and two movements of Ben-Meir’s arrangement of La Boutique Fantasque by Rossini. This ensemble, assembled by Music Director Nancy Clew, is comprised of professional and semi-professional flutists from across the country that meet every year in May to rehearse and perform a concert tour in a different country or region of the world. The group has performed throughout Europe, as well as in China, Japan, and Chile.

The Rose City Flute Choir of Portland, Oregon, performed a program of my arrangements and original compositions. (I also serve as the choir’s music director.) Opening with Fanfare and Celebration, the program continued with arrangements of Jesu Joy! by Colleen Adent, originally for piano, and Fantasy on “Amazing Grace” by former Crystal Cathedral music director Johnnie Carl. Next were two of my originals:  My Secret Garden and Postcards from Pikes Peak

—Phyllis Avidan Louke

The Rose City Flute Choir of Portland, Oregon