U Mass Amherst Dept of Music and Dance
Burkart-Phelan, Inc.


Convention Fees and Registration

Advance registration is now closed. Onsite registration will be available as follows:

Wednesday August 12, 3-9pm
Thursday August 13, 8am – 6pm
Friday August 14, 8am – 6pm
Saturday August 15, 8am – 6pm
Sunday August 16, 8am – 3pm

NFA Membership Fees
Onsite Convention Full Registration Fees (2-4 Days)
Onsite Convention Registration (1 Day only)
Other Fees
Ticketed Events
Onsite Individual Event tickets

NFA Membership Fees (NFA membership is required for all flutists)
  One Year Two Year
($5 savings)
Active Membership $85 $165
Active E-membership $70 $135
Student Membership $50 $95
Student E-membership $40 $75
Commercial Membership $155 $305
Commercial E-membership $125 $245
Life Membership $2,500  
A Convention Badge is required for all attendees (except Individual Event ticket holders) 
Onsite Convention Full Registration Fees (2-4 Days)
Active/Life/Adult/Commercial $310  
Student $170  
Onsite Convention Registration Fees (1 Day only)
Active/Life/Adult/Commercial $155  
Full Time Student $85  
Other Fees
Non-flutist guest $80  
Lost Badge Replacement $25  
Non-flutist Children under 8 years of age Free  
(Badge required) 
Ticketed Events    
NFA Gala Awards Dinner
     Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 6:00 pm
Honoring 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients Alexander Murray and Harvey Sollberger, and 2015 NFA Distinguished Service Award Recipient Penelope Fischer.
$125 per person
($40 tax deductible)
Flute Lovers’ Lunch
     Friday August 14, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Marianne Gedigian
$45 per person
Teachers Breakfast
     Saturday August 15, 8:00 – 9:00 am
Guest Speaker: Paula Robison
$35 per person  
Onsite Individual Events tickets; may be purchased at registration only
(NFA membership not required for non-flutists)
One Day exhibits pass - Active/Life/Commercial and non-member Adult $25  
One Day exhibit pass - Student $20  
One Evening event (starting after 6:00 pm) -
Active/Life/Commercial and non-member Adult
One Evening event (starting after 6:00 pm)  - Student $20  
One Daytime event (up to 6:00 pm) - Active/Life/Commercial and non-member Adult $15  
One Daytime event (up to 6:00 pm) - Student $10  

Individual Evening Event tickets for Gala concerts may be purchased at the door before each concert.


Refund policy for convention attendees:
There will be a cancellation fee of $35. Cancellations for any event must be received in writing (or email to vpampe@nfaonline.org) by 8/1/2015 to be eligible for a refund.

NFA membership dues and foreign mailing fees are not refundable.