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Low Flutes Committee

Users Guide

Entries are listed from easiest level (A) to hardest (K). Each level is described briefly.

NFA members can view the criteria charts which provide a detailed explanation of the skills required at each level by downloading the Selected Flute Repertoire.

A printed version of the 2009 Repertoire Guide that includes these criteria charts is available to anyone through the NFA Store.

A listing of reference materials is shown at the end of the repertoire list.

Each repertoire entry follows this format:

    composer or arranger

    If a collection or multi-movement work has a variety of difficulty levels, those additional levels will be shown in square brackets as a fifth line of the entry. A collection with just a few pieces at any one level will be indicated by a lower case letter.

Abbreviations as follows:

    alfl = alto flute

    bfl = bass flute

    cbfl = contra bass flute

    CD = compact disc included/available

    fl = flute

    pf = piano

    scbfl = sub contra bass flute

    alfl/bfl: one player switches between alto and bass

    alfl(bfl): the piece could be played on either instrument

    alfl, bfl: one person plays alto, a second person plays bass