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Myrna Brown Dine-Around

Thursday and Friday
5:45 – 7:30 p.m.

Are you looking to extend your social connections during the NFA convention? Join us for the Myrna Brown Dine-Around, a special opportunity for convention attendees to network and meet new friends. These community meals are open to all convention guests—first-timers, regular attendees, students, and professionals—and allow flutists from all walks of life to connect over dinner.

Hosted in memory of flutist and early NFA administrator Myrna Brown—a strong proponent of collegiality between flutists—the Dine-Around is a great way for first-time attendees to break the ice and forge new connections or simply learn more about the convention itself.

“Newcomers had questions about what to do and where to go, and long timers had entertaining stories to tell. What struck me the most was how we had all come together from all over the country to celebrate and share our love of the flute, which is really what the NFA is all about. It’s a lovely opportunity to meet flute players from all walks of life.” 
–NFA Secretary Jenny Cline, 2012 attendee.

“If you are new to NFA conventions, please join us for the Myrna Brown Dine-Around. It’s a great way for attendees to connect with other flutists and build a network of new friends and colleagues.” 
–Elizabeth Robinson, Myrna Brown Dine-Around Coordinator

“I had such a great time at the Myrna Brown Dine-Around last year. It was easy to go alone and immediately meet people I would have otherwise never gotten to know. There were students and parents, long-time attendees and their spouses, new members, soloists, orchestral players, and Board members all together enjoying the excitement at the start of our convention. What a perfect opening event and tribute to our founding Executive Director. I highly recommend it to everyone, and hope you’ll join us in Minneapolis.”

-Kyle Dzapo, NFA President

Food, Friends, and Fun at the Myrna Brown Dine-Around

One meeting at the 2016 Dine-Around in San Diego led to a memorable night of conversation, community, and of course, great food this past March—in Tucson, Arizona.

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