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Youth Flute Day

Saturday, August 3, as part of the 47th Annual NFA Convention in
Salt Lake City

For student flutists ages 9 to 18

As the largest annual gathering of flutists in the world, the NFA convention is a great place for
students to learn more about their instrument and be inspired to take their playing to the next level.
Student flutists (and their parents and guardians) are welcome to join us for a program of fun, youth-
oriented flute sessions. Bring your flute and play along!


  • Warm Up
  • Work and Play: Creating a Program for Deep Practice
  • Sight-Reading Olympics
  • High School Soloist Competition Winner Meet and Greet
  • Sliding Life: The Glissando Headjoint¬†
  • Native American Flute for the Classical Flutist
  • Flute FAQ: Youth Edition
  • Preparing for College Auditions
  • Explore the Exhibit Hall

Please contact Young Engagement Committee Coordinator Tim Hagen at tim@timothyhagen.com
with any questions.