The deadline for 2017 convention proposals has passed. All members who submitted proposals will receive notice by the end of February.

45th Annual National Flute Association Convention

August 10–13, 2017 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

PR Coordinator Viviana Guzman speaks with 2017 Program Chair Leonard Garrison about his vision for the Minneapolis convention.

We welcome all proposals for the 45th annual NFA convention in Minneapolis. This year’s convention celebrates the diversity of our membership, and we embrace proposals representing varied musical traditions from jazz to world music, Baroque flute to flute choir, low flutes to piccolo, and tried-and-true standards to world premieres. In recognition of the cultural contributions of the Upper Midwest, we especially encourage performances of and discussions of Scandinavian music and music by composers from Minnesota and neighboring states. Feel free to submit a proposal for a single piece or an idea for an entire event. A 45th convention is a major achievement, and we would like to explore how the NFA and all flutists can sustain this success into the future. We welcome proposals about developing new audiences, educating the next generation, initiating innovative pedagogy, and forging models for new careers in music.

How to submit proposals: Proposals must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Central time on Monday, October 3, 2016. Audiovisual needs must be listed on the proposal form and are subject to budgetary restraints. Proposals will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Solo Performance (alone or with keyboard or electronics)
  • Chamber Performance
  • Flute Choir Performance (more than five flutes)
  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Lecture-Recital
  • Panel

Each NFA member may submit up to three proposals, but each must be in a different category. For example, an applicant may submit one solo performance, one chamber performance, and one lecture, but not two solo performances and one lecture.

Flute choir proposals must be submitted via the online proposal form by 11:59 p.m. Central time on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Directors should include an mp3 audio file (no videos or mp4s will be accepted) with three to five selections that best represent the choir. These must have been recorded no earlier than 15 months prior to your submission but do not have to include your proposed selections. Invited choirs will be allotted 30 minutes, which includes speaking, setup, and transition time. The proposal should include all music to be performed with exact timings (including a good estimate for unfinished compositions), and composers’ and arrangers’ information. If invited, the choir’s performance date and time will be determined by the program chair. When uploading, name your audio with your proposal number followed by your name.

We look forward to hearing from you!

—Leonard Garrison 2017 Program Chair,