2008 Kansas City, KS Convention Chronicles

An F6 tornado of flutes and flutists stormed the halls of Kansas City, Missouri, for the 36th annual NFA Convention, and the city might never be the same! Concerts, recitals, presentations, choirs, competitions, and new events shook up the convention for four packed days of music-making. The pages posted here feature images and accounts of the convention, held August 6–10, 2008. Thanks to writers Christine Beard, Daniel Dorff, Erinn Frechette, Paula Gudmundson, Rebecca Hoven, Phyllis Louke, Tess Miller, George Pope, Irene Pruzan, Rosene Rohrer, and Ali Ryerson. Photographs were taken and/or provided by Brian Covington, Daniel Dorff, Erinn Frechette, Rebecca Hoven, Katherine Borst Jones, Phyllis Louke, Karen Moratz, George Pope, and Irene Pruzan.

photos by Brian Covington