2009 New York, NY Convention Chronicles

The 37th NFA Convention in New York was a smashing success, breaking NFA attendance records with more than 4,000 participants packed into sessions featuring an international array of talent and topics. With your participation, on August 14, 2009, the NFA broke the world record for the Largest Flute Ensemble—1,989 officially, with an actual count of more than 2,000 flutists packed into the room to perform a medley of tunes under the baton of Sir James Galway, who also was this year’s featured Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. The pages posted here feature images and accounts of the convention, held August 12–16, 2009. Thanks to writers Laurie Benson, Wendell Dobbs, Mia Dreese, Rebecca Hoven, Carla Reese, Ali Ryerson, Sharon Winton, and Ivana Zahirovic. Photographs were taken and/or provided by Laurie Benson, Katherine Borst Jones, Brian Covington, Wendell Dobbs, Mia Dreese, Rebecca Hoven, and Ali Ryerson.

photos by Brian Covington