Rubies sparkled at the 40th annual National Flute Association Convention

The convention was held August 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 3,000 people attended “Rubies! Celebrating 40 Years of Artistry and Vision.” Honoring this very special anniversary year, opening festivities featured former NFA presidents, program chairs, and other longtime colleagues; NFA 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Bonita Boyd performed in gala concerts; and NFA-commissioned works past and present were featured, peppered throughout the week with NFA and world premieres including the performance of the winning Joint Woodwind Quintet competition work. 2012 National Service Award recipient Nancy Toff offered up a trademark historical presentation on the NFA’s long life and 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Betty Bang Mather basked in performance tributes by former students and colleagues. An exhibit hall exploded with diverse flutes, music, and flute-related products. New competitions joined seasoned ones in another year’s offering of outstanding young artists. Throughout the convention, emerging stars mixed and mingled with those who have built the NFA’s 40-year foundations. And a closing-day announcement of an unprecedented $125,000 challenge grant to support future conventions and the NFA’s endowment fund promises bright horizons ahead.


photos by Brian Covington