August 2009 Convention
New York, NY

Myrna Brown Scholarship Recipient: Ivana Zahirovic

Ivana Zahirovic

Ivana Zahirovic

As the recipient of the 2008 Myrna Brown International Scholarship, I had the honor of performing in recital at this year’s NFA convention in New York City. I performed works by Croatian composers of the 20th century.

It was my very first visit to New York from my homeland of Croatia, and also my first experience as a participant in an NFA convention. It is difficult to describe how impressed and thrilled I was to experience the events and to hear such a great amount of fabulous flutists all in one place! The artistic beauty of the concerts, the high level of performances, the great flute exhibitions, the quantity of events, and the amazing organization during the whole convention completely exceeded my expectations.

Yet the most impressive part was the convention’s aspiration to be innovative and original, as well as its offering of information about every aspect of flute playing and teaching. Those four days enriched my musical life and stimulated new ideas in regard to my own playing, which I will try to pass on to Croatian flutists—just as I hope that the flutists at my recital at the New York convention took away unique examples of Croatian flute music.

—Ivana Zahirovic

photo by Brian Covington