August 2009 Convention
New York, NY

Fife and Drum Corps

Though self-serving, I report here on the performance of the John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps, led by me, at the closing ceremonies on Sunday. The Corps specializes in music from the era of Chief Justice John Marshall, the ensemble’s namesake, so works from the Revolutionary War Era through the mid 1830s are the Corps’ domain. After marching in, the green-clad corps performed “Hail Columbia,” the march most closely associated with the Federalist Party, the political party of Washington, Adams, and Marshall. The whole room then resounded with singing, fifing, and drumming the United States’ National Anthem. The Corps also performed Lafayette’s Grand March Suite. Composed by New York publisher and flutist Edward Riley, the suite welcomed the Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution, on his return to New York and the U.S. in August 1824, 185 years ago. The Corps marched from the room playing “Yankee Doodle.”

John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps

John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps


—Wendell Dobbs

photo by Wendell Dobbs