August 2010 Convention
Anaheim, CA

Motivation in the Flute Studio: How to Keep it Alive in the Dead of Winter

Angeleita Floyd, Debra Youngblood, and Cassandra Rondinelli

The Pedagogy Committee sponsored this panel, whose members addressed the topic of motivation. Panelists were Angeleita Floyd, Debra Youngblood, and Cassandra Rondinelli. Each panelist spoke for 20-25 minutes with a brief time for questions at the end.

Floyd began by asking broad questions such as, "Whose responsibility is it really?" and "What motivates?" She shared ideas including "National Etude Day" (one masterclass per semester devoted to etudes), "Floyd's Flute Family Feud" (students compete in teams to answer questions on various topics), and "Theme" recitals with appropriate costume (especially around Halloween).

Rondinelli spoke about "Mustering Motivational Momentum" from the perspective of both current student (doctoral candidate) and teacher. She discussed setting goals and standards, organizing practice, and maintaining perspective, among other things. Games she uses include "Domino Rally" (a group effort to complete a technical exercise), "Scale Bingo" (scales in the bingo must be performed to win), and "Rep Jep" (questions about repertoire).

Youngblood presented her "High-Five Success Prep Guide," an organized practice guide to help students organize and achieve focused, productive practice. She shared the five crucial steps that should be followed for successful practice and progress: Stop (think about strategy), Look (focus on details), Listen, Document, and Plan (for the next practice time).

Approximately 75 to 100 people attended.

—Ronda Benson Ford and Rebecca Hovan