August 2010 Convention
Anaheim, CA

Teacher's Breakfast: A Feast of Ideas

Tadeu Coelho

Anticipation ran high as approximately 80 people gathered for the very first Teacher's Breakfast, sponsored by the Pedagogy Committee. Those in attendance feasted first on a beautifully presented buffet of pastries and dishes of fresh fruits. Leonard Garrison, chair of the board, welcomed everyone to the breakfast and announced the Pedagogy Committee's latest project, a new volume (Vol. 2) of the Pedagogy Anthology. He expressed his pleasure at the success of the breakfast, evident by the number of people present. Following Leonard's words, Stacey Steele, chair of the Pedagogy Committee, introduced the speaker for the morning, Tadeu Coelho.

Coelho began by sharing that he had spent a great deal of time considering what he should speak about before deciding on the topic of love and respect in the studio. He feels that this is crucial to success, and he demands respectful behavior among his students as they interact with each other, with him, and with themselves. He covered his expectations for his students and how he tries to motivate them by being kind, but also clear.

Following the remarks, there was time for questions from the audience. Several asked more specific questions about Coelho's expectations and requirements in the studio. One of his requirements is that each week's lesson is videotaped, and the student is to review the lesson three times before the next lesson. The purpose is that eventually the student will be able to quickly identify the areas to work on for the next lesson. Others in the audience shared from their personal experiences.

Coelho was warmly received by all, and many lingered to speak with him afterwards. Based on the overwhelming response (the room had to be changed due to the unexpectedly high number attendents), the friendly atmosphere, and the smiling faces of all those who attended, the Teacher's Breakfast was a rousing success and will, we hope, become a regular event on the convention program.

—Ronda Benson Ford and Rebecca Hovan