August 2010 Convention
Anaheim, CA

2010 Exhibitor Concert

Each year at the convention, musicians who work for exhibiting companies have the opportunity to play in a concert showcasing their talents. The audience is appreciative, and the atmosphere in the room is cheerful. Many of the people who choose to perform recruit a chamber ensemble for the event, and this year was no exception.

Composers Daniel Dorff and Charles Fernandez each recruited colleagues to perform original compositions. Lois Herbine joined Dorff for his new "Three Little Waltzes" for flute and clarinet. Dorff apologized to the audience for the fact that the second "little" waltz was significantly longer than the other two, and probably could not be considered "little." None of the movements in this world premiere seemed long, however.

Fernandez, an exhibiting composer who resides in the LA area, recruited colleagues Emily Senchuk, Helen Goode, and Melissa Hendrickson to join him for his "Idyllwild Quartet," which is scored for flute, clarinet, horn, and bassoon. There is very little other repertoire for this particular quartet arrangement, and the well-rehearsed, energetic group introduced the audience here to what could become a useful, crowd-pleasing chamber piece.

Though Ervin Monroe was not able to be at the convention due to health reasons, his compatriots from Dean Yang Flutes and Muramatsu America introduced the audience to two beautiful selections including alto flute parts performed on recently introduced instruments. Lauren Panfili and Karen Matthews were both already scheduled to perform with Monroe, but filled in for him as well. The Dean Yang and Muramatsu groups were followed by Beverly and Howard Vance, from Tootpick Publishing, performing selections from Howard's recently released collection of flute and guitar arrangements. Vance is clearly an adept arranger, and the book might be a useful addition to a flutist's gig bag.

The 2010 Exhibitor Concert finished with a high-energy performance by John Barcellona, Kristin Caliendo, and Christopher Caliendo, performing Christopher's "Modon and Despiadado" for two flutes and guitar. Caliendo and his music always draw large, appreciative crowds, which was certainly the case for this performance.

The Exhibitor Concert showcases adept performers who mostly have careers in facets of the music industry other than performing. Attending the concert is a great way for NFA members to experience the commitment to music and the flute that the organization's commercial members bring to the table.

—Rebecca Johnson