August 2010 Convention
Anaheim, CA

Before the First Note with Susan Fain and Patricia George

Susan Fain and Patricia George

This 90-minute presentation was full of useful information about body position and muscle groups and their relationship to flute playing. Susan Fain used her doctoral research to connect anatomy with how to alter hand and body position to help eliminate pain while playing the flute. Fain, a physical therapist and accomplished flutist, presented information from the anatomical point of view. She started with the head and neck and worked her way down the body to the arms and back, fingers and hands, and legs, including effective ways to balance while sitting and standing. She included relevant information on skeletal, muscle, and nerve groups, and how they relate to flute performance. Patricia George demonstrated flute playing with proper body positioning for each area of the body following Fain’s anatomical explanation. She detailed hand and body position issues to watch for in your own playing and the playing of students, and gave tips on how to correct them. A useful handout with tips and stretching exercises was provided, as well as the recommendation to get a foam wedge to help correct the angle of hips and spine when playing flute in a seated position.

—Phyllis Avidan Louke