August 2011 Convention
Charlotte, NC

NFA Premieres: Woodland Reverie, Tweet, Sonata No. 1

The 2011 convention was the most fun and almost-relaxing NFA I can remember, despite working the Presser booth, daily board meetings, having two premieres, and playing in two pieces. It was a magical week!

Daniel Dorff and Cindy Anne Broz

My favorite moments: Cindy Anne Broz’s warmly elegant and expressive premiere of my Woodland Reverie (solo flute); Lois Herbine’s fiery and witty premiere of my Tweet (solo piccolo); and finally actually hearing Eric Ewazen’s gorgeous Sonata No. 1 for flute and piano, whose publication I edited and proofread this spring. (Eric missed hearing the exposition of the first movement because we juggled hearing my Tweet premiere down the hall from his Sonata premiere, which should have given us about five minutes to run across the hall, but I told too many jokes introducing mine and we ran late. Sorry Eric!)

My favorite surprise of the week was a moment when Pat George and Phyllis Louke were autographing their new scale book while Ewazen was in the booth, and Valerie Coleman showed up. As we gathered to take a Presser “all-star team” picture, Martin Amlin happened to walk by too, so we got a wonderful picture of “Les Six.”

Patricia George, Daniel Dorff, Phyllis Louke, Martin Amlin,
Eric Ewazen, Valerie Coleman

I was also fascinated to discover delightful yet strong music by composers Donald Draganski and Bruce Lazarus, who were new to my ears, and I’ll always wonder what wonderful piccolo sonata was being rehearsed next to the boardroom.

—Daniel Dorff