August 2011 Convention
Charlotte, NC

High School Flute Choir

The 2011 NFA High School Flute Choir, conducted by Rebecca Meador, consisted of four bass flutes, four alto flutes, two piccolos, and 15 C flutes. (Two C flutes listed in the program were not able to attend.) It was exciting that two composers were able to attend the program. 

Ronda Benson Ford, coordinator of the High School Flute Choir

Flutist Kathy Farmer had her piece Flourishes performed and composer Stephen Lias heard a live performance of his Melange of Neumes. Meador explained that a neume was a system of music notation that was used prior to the invention of the five-line staff. “The earliest neumes were inflective marks, which indicated the general shape but not necessarily the exact notes or rhythms to be sung,” is how Wikipedia defines the term. Each of the four movements of the piece represented a different direction; the motive for each movement was demonstrated by NFA flute choir member Isacc Alter before the entire piece was performed.

—Ronda Benson Ford