August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Video CD Stories

About 40 people attended this mixed media presentation, whose subjects ranged from a depiction of a funeral for the Atacameno people of Argentina to the tragic fate of 937 Jews who had hoped to escape annihilation to the sensations of skin to the struggles and sacrifices made by immigrants who came to this country with the hopes of a better life for their families.

Robert Fruehwald’s S.S. St. Louis, performed by Ann Fairbanks, combined flute, piccolo, computer music, and videos of Hitler at his rallies with photos of Jews being rounded up, sent to camps, and murdered. The piece was quite powerful and should be performed as proof and a reminder for future generations.

I’ll Pianto del Ghiaccio, combining live and recorded flutes performed by Ivana Ugrcic, was an ethereal and haunting combination of folk tunes and contemporary techniques. The piece was written by written by Doina Rotaru.

Lois Herbine (third from right) and her students.

The rhythmic Skinscape for Flute and Recorded Sound, performed by Ashley Shank and written by Beckham Simms, was an imaginative aural depiction of a variety of skin sensations ranging from prickliness to itching, wetness, heat, and cold. Lineage: We are all Immigrants, by Sidney Corbet, was a sweet photographic tribute to flutist Barbara Siesel’s ancestors.

Lois Herbine’s performance of Howard Hersh’s I Had to Go Down in the Mines to Climb Up to the Sky for solo piccolo was accompanied by 16 piccolos, all of which were recorded by Lois. It was a moving, exhilarating tribute to her ancestors, going back to her Welsh great-great grandfather, who perished in a coal mining explosion in 1867.

To our pleasant surprise, five live piccoloists were included in this performance, stationed discreetly at the back of the room. They blended so well with the recording that many of us had no idea they were there.

—Nan Raphael