August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Adrienne Greenbaum

Performers for this session included Nihan Atalay, Cristina Ballatori, FlutAria!, Marco Granados, Adrienne Greenbaum, Jane Lenoir, the PanAmerican Trio, Catherine Ramirez, Inna Staneva, Barbara Kortmann, and Julee Kim Walker.

The flute trio FlutAria! played a very nice piece by Dimitri Tchesnokov (b. 1982), who I had never heard of. Granados, who now lives in New York, is a specialist in South-American swinging music, and—as he often does—he played more quick notes than a human being can possibly play, staying quite relaxed throughout.

Greenbaum performed in her special niche: She plays klezmer music on modern and historic flutes. Always dressed in very special outfits with particular hats, she lets you experience the old Yiddish ambiance of Romania or Poland.

It is remarkable how many concerts throughout this year’s convention featured works by living composers.

—Mia Dreese