August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Salute to Eva Kingma

Eva Kingma

This inspiring and emotive event honoring 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Eva Kingma celebrated the depth and breadth of her innovations in flutemaking. Considered by many the most important flute innovator since Böhm, Kingma was honored by longtime friends, collaborators, and performers who are devoted to fostering new music for the Kingma System flutes.

Outstanding performances by Wissam Boustany, Robert Dick, Shana Gutierrez, Gareth McLearnon, Carla Rees, Ali Ryerson, Henri Tournier, David Weiss, and Matthias Ziegler brought this celebration to new highs. Ziegler interviewed Kingma on the stage, recounting many years of explorations and innovations in flute making. The beloved Kingma, humble and grounded as always, showed immense gratitude by sharing her Lifetime Achievement Award with her lifetime friend and collaborator Bickford Brannen. (Brannen was not present for the convention.)

The event hosted a number of surprises for Kingma, including premiered works and arrangements by Rees, Boustany, and Ryerson. Gutierrez produced an emotional video with interviews and pictures recounting Kingma’s and Brannen’s lifelong friendship.

Matthias Ziegler

—Mariana Gariazzo