August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Latin Flute and Guitar

Herrera-Register Duo

Four flute-and-guitar duos performed Latin American works in this session.

The Cline/Cuestas Duo performed a work by a living composer, José Luis Merlin’s three-movement Al Cristo de la Quebrada. The duo clearly portrayed the descriptions of each movement in this programmatic work, and its performance was excellent.

The Moreira/Citro duo announced that guitarist Fernando Citro was unable to make the trip to the United States; in his stead, Carlos Cuestas played with Nilton Moreira. Their performance was fantastic and very impressive given that this was the first time they had performed together. Later in the day, at the Friday Night Gala Concert, it was announced that Moreira took second place in the Jazz Artist Competition.

I enjoyed all the pieces played by the Herrera/Register Duo, but especially enjoyed “El Coqui.” As duo members explained, the coqui is a small, chiefly nocturnal arboreal frog a high-pitched call native to Puerto Rico; the piece was performed with piccolo and guitar.

The Galestro/Smith Duo closed the concert with a wonderful performance of Celso Machado’s Sambamar.

I have begun working with a guitarist, which was my motive for attending this recital. I was introduced to some pieces unknown to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire concert.

—Ronda Benson Ford