August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Flute Choir Showcase

First to perform on Saturday’s showcase was the Florida Flute Orchestra, conducted by Paige Dashner Long conductor. The group performed the stunning Sternbilder Suite, Op. 21 by Gotthard Odermatt. The five movements Kassiopeia, Ketos, Andromeda, Kepheus, and Perseus describe the story of these figures from Greek mythology.

The Baltimore Flute Choir with conductor Sara Nichols performed a lovely program of music written by composers with roots in Baltimore. The program included “The Flower of Port Williams” by Chris Norman featuring Stephanie Moore on the Irish whistle and Sara Nichols on piano, “Celestial Bodies” by Brian Balmages, and “Good Morning Baltimore” by Marc Shaiman, arranged by Sellers.

Raleigh Flute Choir

Raleigh Flute Choir’s performance included music by women composers: “Silver Celebration” by Catherine McMichael, “As Eagles Flew” by myself, a movement (Fresh Away) of Seafarer’s Suite by Nancy W. Wood, and “Eventide Soliloquy” by Paige Dashner Long. In honor of the retirement of the group’s founding member, Ann Cameron Pearce, the group performed Pearce’s arrangement of the folk song “Cindy” as its encore.

—Phyllis Avidan Louke

photo by Phyllis Louke