August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Convention Observations

Daniel Dorff and Jasmin Choi

One thing was very different this year: the whole hotel, restaurants, and convention center were in one straight line, and it was easy to know where I was supposed to go even on the first day!

One thing was very familiar: between working in the exhibit hall and the rehearsals and concerts I was involved in, I wished I had a clone to get to all the wonderful concerts that I wasn’t able to attend!

My favorite in every way was the orchestral gala. For a convention ballroom, that hall had suprisingly good acoustics, and the freelance orchestra was excellent. Chris Confessore is a great find for a convention conductor! I confess I had never heard the Telemann double concerto before, or Bernstein’s Halil, and I loved all six works on the program.

I’m extremely grateful to Francesca and Jasmine Choi for making the premiere of my Concertino possible and for giving it an exceptionally beautiful birthing. And to George Pope and Cindy Anne Broz for introducing other new pieces on their special concerts.

—Daniel Dorff