August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Observations from an NFA Frequent Flyer

The huge Hyatt Regency contains a separate wing for conventions right in its venue. Our convention made use of more than five enormous ballrooms plus many smaller halls. Although the big halls were not filled to capacity during the daytime concerts, the ambiance didn’t suffer.

I live in The Netherlands, which is about half the size of the state of Virginia, so it’s not difficult to stay in touch with local friends. The United States, on the other hand, is such a big country that colleagues aren’t able to see each other often, making this annual event as much about meeting friends as it is about the music. It was very nice—and relaxing—to see my friends again.

The well-functioning organization in Orlando was very supportive, and as a participant I felt safe. The quality level of this particular convention was very high; it is a pity that attendees can hear only a fraction of all the sessions at NFA conventions. Those of you who attended can decide for yourselves if this event was too big or too brief.

—Mia Dreese