August 2018 Convention
Orlando, FL

Convention Handouts

Day  Time Event Presenter
Thursday 10:00 AM Dedicated to Our Beloved Teachers
Thursday 11:00 AM Native American Influences Heidi Kay Begay
Thursday 2:45 PM Nuts and Bolts Workshop Patricia Harper
Thursday 3:00 PM BYOC: Five Principles for Building Your Own (Classical) Cadenzas Timothy Hagen
Thursday 5:00 PM Video/CD Stories (I Had to Go Down in the Mines to Climb Up to the Sky) Lois Herbine
Friday 6:30 PM A Tribute to Robert Willoughby (1921–2018) | Handout 2
Saturday 10:00 AM Sight-reading Pieces from the Paris Conservatory Nancy Andrew
Saturday 12:45 AM What Was Bach Thinking? Musicians Need to Breathe  Leonard Garrison
Sunday 8:00 AM Game of Flutes: Introduction to Improvisation Erich Tucker
Sunday 9:00 AM Using Flute Physics to Tune Multiphonics (and single notes too!) Bonnie McAlvin
Sunday 10:30 AM 100 Years of Flute Elizabeth Walker
Sunday 11:30 AM Eight Contemplations on Texts by Hildegard Teresa Grawunder
Sunday 1:30 PM Learning to Improvise with Prince and Pentatonics Bill McBirnie