August 2011 Convention
Charlotte, NC

Pedagogy Teacher’s Breakfast

The second annual Teacher’s Breakfast sponsored by the Pedagogy Committee was another huge success, with about 65 attendees. The speaker for this year’s breakfast was Brooks de Wetter-Smith, the James Gordon Hanes Distinguished Professor of Flute at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Past President of the NFA. After being served a beautifully presented breakfast, those in attendance were treated to words of inspiration and advice from Brooks’ successful career as a teacher. He emphasized the importance of actively listening to students (and students to teachers) and maintaining reality checks with attainable short-term and intermediate goals. He discussed the idea that teaching contains an element of having a desire to problem-solve: “How do we get there from here?” He shared personal stories of the caring attitudes of James Pappoutsakis and Walfrid Kujala, who were his teachers and were examples to him of extraordinary teaching. His mantra as a teacher: “It’s not about proving oneself, but rather improving oneself and improving others!”

—Stacey Steele