August 2012 Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Composers, Clarinets, and Concerts

Betty Bang Mather

NFA 2012 was an exhilarating week for this excited listener, composer, clarinetist, board member, publisher, and exhibitor. I finally got to meet the amazing and inspiring Betty Bang Mather in person after collaborating on her new Bach treatise, and I finally got to watch Patricia George pull rabbits out of her pedagogical hat after three years of working on her books—I hadn’t expected to learn so much about clarinet and saxophone from her Flute 102 showcase!

Patrcia George

Listening highlights included Martin Amlin’s gorgeous new Concerto for Flute/Piccolo, Kasumi Leonard and Gina Sebastian “synchronized swimming” through Doppler’s Rigoletto Fantasie with amazing precision and beauty at the exhibitors’ concert; Matt Johnston unveiling the newly renovated Alry catalog and a charming new piece for three piccolos and piano at the exhibitors’ concert; and, above all, the NFA premiere of my Perennials elegantly aced by Cindy Anne Broz (flute), Mark Margolies (clarinet), and Martin Amlin (piano).

This week also concluded my three-year term serving on the NFA board. Three years ago I was a bit ambivalent about taking on another activity that would decrease concertgoing time, but it quickly became exciting and gratifying to be part of the infrastructure of NFA and to use my experience to help steer our wonderfully diverse organization.

—Danief Dorff

Bang Mather photo by Brian Covington