August 2012 Convention
Las Vegas, NV

2012 Exhibitor Concert

Each year at the convention, musicians who work for exhibiting companies have the opportunity to play on a concert showcasing their talents. For this year’s concert, the audience was large and the program entries numerous. The concert used the entire 90-minute time slot allowed, and all musicians were enthusiastically received.

Many of the program entries hoped to introduce the audience to recently published music, certainly a perk of attendance. The Alry Publications submission, with owner Matt Johnston at the piano, brought Nicole Molumby, Dane Andersen, and Alison Brown Sincoff together for Crt Sojar Voglar’s piece The Bird Tango for three piccolos. This proved to be an engaging piece performed with excellent intonation and spirit. Other newer compositions included Peter Senchuk’s A Tangled View (Forest Glade Music), Rob Burn’s Tierra Del Gato (Little Piper), and Daniel Dorff’s new collection of Puccini Duets for flute and clarinet, performered by the arranger with Cindy Anne Broz (Theodore Presser).

U.S. Army Fied Band staff sergeants Gina Sebastian and Kasumi Leonard closed the concert

The audience came together in appreciation for Global Choro Music’s entry, which brought owner Daniel Dalarossa performing with his daughter Michelle on a traditional Brazilian tune by Pixínguinha. He described the choro tradition as developing along a parallel path with ragtime in the United States and the tango in Argentina.

Two staff sergeants from the Army Field Band closed the concert to rousing applause.  Gina Sebastian and Kasumi Leonard, both graduates of the Eastman School of Music, showed the strength of the U.S. military band program with a beautifully played rendition of Franz and Karl Doppler’s Rigoletto Fantasie for Two Flutes and Piano.

The Exhibitor Concert showcases adept performers who mostly have careers in facets of the music industry other than performing.  Attending the concert is a great way for NFA members to experience the commitment to music and enthusiasm of the organization’s commercial members.

—Rebecca Johnson

photo by Rebecca Johnson