August 2012 Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Showcase IV: Kaleidoscope

Carla Rees and Michael Olivia

This Sunday morning concert was designed with variety in mind—variety of flutes, variety of nationalities, variety of repertoire. Los Angeles Philharmonic flutist Catherine Ransom Karoly was to represent the standard C flute, playing traditional repertoire, but was unable to attend.

The first half of the program was performed by British flutist Carla Rees, a low flutes specialist, with composer Michael Oliva controlling the electronic portion of the music. The program’s highlight was Oliva’s A Memory of Spring, a 2010 piece for alto flute and electronics. The electronics sounded interactive with the flute part, rather than pre-recorded, and the piece was generally interesting for the listener. Rees’ skill on the flute was evident, and her alto flute playing included a gorgeous palette of color.

Horacio Manuel Massone

Horacio Manuel Massone performed the second half of the program with pianist Eric Charnofsky. Massone is the piccolo player for Teatro Argentino and is clearly a master of the instrument. His repertoire included works by Ginastera, Lovreglio, and Silva. Throughout his portion of the concert, Massone demonstrated virtuosic piccolo playing, along with a sweet, lyrical sound, when appropriate. He had effective communication with the audience, playing up the “cute” moments in the music and keeping his listeners engaged.

Though it would have been amazing to hear Karoly play standard repertoire by C.P.E. Bach, Gaubert, and Burton, the concert was a perfect length with only two sets. It was varied in the extreme and provided listeners with excellent new experiences.

—Rebecca Johnson

photos by Rebecca Johnson