August 2012 Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Flautino Royale Flute Orchestra Concert

Flautino Royale Flute Orchestra

One of the highlights of an NFA flute convention is always the opening concert following the NFA’s annual meeting. This concert is performed by a huge flute orchestra open to all flutists attending the convention. While attending the concert is always a delight, performing in the group is even more satisfying. How often do you get to perform with a couple of hundred other flute players? Choosing an interesting and varied program, Hal Ott, flute professor at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, was this year’s conductor.

It is amazing what such a large group can accomplish with only three or four hours of rehearsal time. This year’s low flute section (the “heavy metal” section) included a large complement of alto and bass flutes, along with a contra-alto in G (one octave lower than alto), contra-bass in F (a whole step lower than the contra-alto), four contrabasses (one octave lower than a bass), a sub contra in G (two octaves lower than alto), and a double contrabass flute (two octaves lower than bass) made of PVC pipe.

Hal Ott conducting the Flautino Royale Flute Orchestra

The concert included Welcome! by Melvin Lauf; As Eagles Flew by Phyllis Avidan Louke; Prism Fanfare by Elaine Ross; The Fountain by June Kirlin; “Furiant” from Symphony No. 6 by Antonin Dvorak, arr. Shaul Ben-Meir; Chorale and Celebration by Maria Newman, Appalachian Suite by Kelly Via, Shades of Sennett by Henry Mancini, arr. Amy Rice-Young; and Benediction by Peter Christian Lutkin, arr. Gay Ott.

—Phyllis Louke

photos by Brian Covington