August 2012 Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Pastiche: A Chamber Recital

Nancy Stagnitta

This Saturday morning recital featured some of the most enjoyable music that I heard at the convention. The recital opened with Nancy Stagnitta, flute instructor at Interlochen Arts Academy, and pianist Colette Valentine performed Karg-Elert’s Sinfonische Kanzone, Op. 114. Erica Coutsouridis, flutist of Duo Rubicund, with guitarist Meredith Connie performed Gary Schocker’s three-movement work Once Upon a… The Crescent Duo, Joanna Cowan White with clarinetist Kennen White, then performed Nikola Resanovic’s Four Sketches for Flute and Clarinet consisting of four charming and varied movements.  The enjoyable four-movement work, Imagined Corners, then performed by Judith Ranheim with cellist Timothy O’Malley.

Duo Rubicund

Each movement contained wonderful special effects: Up had cellist O’Malley strumming with his left hand while bowing other notes, the jazzy Get Down has pizzicato and pitch slides in the cello and flutter tongue and pitch bends in the flute, Over has open fifths and fourths in the cello and flutter tongue in the flute, A Round has an interesting rhythmic ostinato in the cello and syncopation in the flute.  Alec Templeton’s charming Trio, written while a student, was performed by the Easterly Chamber Players with flutist Diane Toulson Gold, oboist Brent Register, and pianist Paula Amrod. The three movements—Allegro moderato, Folk Song (Shepherd’s Air), and Molto vivacefeatured the opportunity for lyrical, conversational, and tight ensemble playing.

—Phyllis Louke

photos by Phyllis Louke