August 2012 Convention
Las Vegas, NV

Professional Flute Choir Concert

Peter Sheridan

Clyde Mitchell, conductor of Vancouver’s Lions Gate Sinfonia, directed this fine concert featuring the winners of the Professional Flute Choir Competition. The concert opened with the delightful Afternoon with the Kiddo by Greg Lutz followed by Cecilia McDowall’s Crossing the Bridge. David Gunn composed The Fifth Universal Principle of Alignment, one of two winners of the 2012 Flute Choir Composition Competition, having more to do with aligning notes in the ensemble than any metaphysical principles. Peter Senchuks’s concerto for low flute soloist and flute ensemble, Nuestro Pueblo, featured low flute specialist, Peter Sheridan on double contrabass Flute (3 octaves lower than flute), contrabass flute, bass flute and alto flute.  The concert closed with Alberto Guidobaldi’s energetic and charming Tarantella was the other winner of the 2012 Flute Choir Composition Competition.

—Phyllis Louke

photo by Phyllis Louke