August 2013 Convention
New Orleans, LA

Masterclass: Angela Jones-Reus

The masterclass taught by Angela Jones-Reus, professor of flute at the University of Georgia in Athens, featured winners of the 2013 NFA Masterclass Performers Competition. Repertoire for this class (although not planned this way) included 20th- century favorites. Seung Jae Yoo was first up in the class performing the first movement of the Prokofiev Sonata in D Major, Op. 94. Following that we heard Frank Martin’s Ballade, performed by Samantha Marshall, the first and second movements of Jindrich Feld’s Sonate, and, finally, the Dutilleux Sonatine.

Angela Jones-Reus and Student

Jones-Reus spoke about the use of different characters, or moods, in several of the pieces. Often the shifts of mood are very sudden. The music may shift from dreamy and delicate in one passage or section to very aggressive in the next, and we must make the most of these changes to successfully convey the mood and character of the piece. Another issue that came up was that of correct posture and how it affects all aspects of performance, tone in particular. She also spoke about the use of tone colors and changing colors within a piece, particularly in the Dutilleux. She commented that this piece “is all about tone colors.” There are “blocks of color” and you need to “use air to connect these together.”

—Rebecca Hovan

photo by Brian Covington