August 2013 Convention
New Orleans, LA

Convention Program Book and Handouts

2013 Convention Program Book (PDF)

Handouts for selected events for the 2013 NFA annual convention are posted below.

Thurs 12:30 PM Becoming Best Teacher Nicole Esposito
Thurs 12:30 PM Training to be Better Musician Naomi Seidman
Thurs 2:30 PM Healthy Flute Sandra Cox
Thurs 2:30 PM Choro Jane Lenoir
Thurs 2:30 PM Peak Performance: Understanding and Managing the Physical Challenges of Flute Playing Karen Lonsdale
Thurs 2:30 PM Orfeo Patricia Spencer
Thurs    5:00 PM      21st Century Flute Studio Shelley Binder
Thurs 5:00 PM 10 Reasons Pixels are Better than Paper Hugh Sung
Fri 7:30 AM Culture Shock, part 1 (powerpoint / document) and part 2 (powerpoint / document) Alice Dade
Fri 8:00 AM Practicing Predicament Katherine Isbell
Fri 8:00 AM Passion and Practise Julie Troum
Fri 10:15 AM Sound Sheets/ Sound Sheet Boosters Terri Sanchez
Fri 12:15 PM Robert Cavally (powerpoint / flyer) Bootsie Mayfield
Fri 5:00 PM Flutist's Throat Bethany Davis
Fri 6:00 PM Flute Sectionals Phyllis Louke
Sat 8:00 AM Learning to Improvise Bill McBirnie
Sat 8:30 AM Memorization Zara Lawler
Sat 10:30 AM Six Things That Work All the Time Christine Gustafson
Sat 12:45 PM Practice Tips: Sandy's Steps to Wood-shedding Sandra Saathoff
Sun 8:15 AM Widor John Bailey
Sun 8:15 AM Making a Career in Music Molly Barth
Sun 10:00 AM Technolgy: Kickstarter Danielle Hundley
Sun 10:00 AM Technology Ideas for Studio and Fundraising Nicole Molumby
Sun 10:00 AM Joan Tower Tammy Yonce
Sun 2:15 PM Narcissus and Orfeo Thea Musgrave