August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Convention Handouts

2014 Convention Program Book (PDF)

Handouts for selected events for the 2014 NFA annual convention are posted below.

Thurs 9:30 AM Arts Venture winning presentation (PDF) Leonard Garrison
Thurs 10:00 AM The Pedagogy of Arnold Jacobs (DOCX)
Jacobs Materials
Kimberlee Goodman, Angeleita Floyd and Alexa Still
Thurs 10:00 AM Understanding How Our Hands Work (PDF) Kelly Wilson
Thurs 2:45 PM Practicing Tips (with Francesca and KBJ) (PDF) Leonard Garrison
Thurs 5:00 PM Flute Clubs, Honoring Directors (DOCX) Debbie Gilbert
Thurs 5:00 PM Performance Anxiety Demystified (PDF) Mariana Gariazzo
Fri 10:00 AM Telemann Fantasies and How To Bring Them Alive (DOCX)   
Louis Lot Notes
Elizabeth Walker
Fri 3:00 PM What to Teach (DOCX) Patricia George
Fri    5:00 PM      New in Town: How to Build a Successful Studio (PDF) Katherine Isbill Emeneth
Sat 9:00 AM Improvisation Workshop with Nancy Stagnitta (DOCX) Nancy Stagnitta
Sat 9:30 AM Working with Harpists (PDF) Ellen Huntington
Sat 11:00 AM Scientific Method of Practicing Timothy Hagen
Sat 5:00 PM Teaching the Prokofiev Sonata (PDF) John Bailey
Sun 8:00 AM Using iPads and Tablets in Education and Perfomance (DOCX) Linda Howard
Sun 9:00 AM Flute Boot Camp (PDF) Tracy Harris
Sun 12:45 PM Transcribing (PDF) Erin Murphy