August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Alexa Still and Arnold Jacobs

Alexa Still

This one-hour session was one of the first events to take place at the 2014 National Flute Association Convention, and it did not disappoint. Alexa Still, Angeleita Floyd, and Kimberlee Goodman served as panelists, discussing the life and teachings of Arnold Jacobs, the legendary tuba player of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Jacobs was well respected as a teacher of music and especially important in the study of breathing, working with actors, musicians, and anyone else who might need quality breathing for their profession.

Though the three panelists had different means of meeting Jacobs and working with him, they all talked about his importance in their lives. Despite having lungs that did not function at full capacity, he was an expert on breathing and the use of air for artistry. He studied medical books and human anatomy before the practice caught on more widely. He was one of the first to use devices for measuring lung capacity and to use exercises to increase breathing.

This inspiring event included a reading list of books by and about Arnold Jacobs, useful breathing exercises, and a few good “quotables” by Jacobs himself.

Kimberlee Goodman, Angeleita Floyd, and Alexa Still

—Rebecca Johnson