August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Works You Might Not Know (But Will Want To!)

Stephanie Jutt

This enticing Thursday afternoon concert drew a fairly full audience for this program of pieces for flute and piano, played by a great line-up of flute and piano duos.

First on the program was UW-Madison flute professor Stephanie Jutt with pianist Christopher Taylor. Jutt and Taylor played Paul Schoenfield’s Four Souvenirs (not listed in the program book), in a version for flute and piano. The original was for violin and piano, but the composer lists on his website both flute and violin as options for performance of the work. With Jutt’s energy and focused power, this delightful four-movement piece was a communicative opener to the concert.

Scheduled second was Diane Boyd Schultz, but due to problems with her flight, she was not able to play. In her place, the Brazilian flute and piano duo known as Tota and Teca, Tota Portela and Teca Gondim, took the stage. Playing from memory on a flute purchased just moments before the concert, Tota and Teca played two sweet, lovely tunes that clearly engaged the audience.

The final two pieces did not involve any program changes or alternate personnel. Rogério Wolf and Dianne Frazer played a colorful, artistic rendition of Gaubert’s Suite for Flute and Piano, which highlighted Wolf’s big, flexible sound.  Closing the program, Tabatha Easley played Samuel Zyman’s fantastic sonata with Tracy Cowden on piano. This piece is sure to become a true standard in the repertoire.

Teca Gondim and Tota Portela

—Rebecca Johnson

photos by Brian Covington