August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Teachers Breakfast with Angeleita Floyd

The Pedagogy Committee was proud to once again host this annual event, this year themed “A Lifetime of Inspiration: A Feast of Ideas for Every Flutist” and featuring Angeleita Floyd as guest speaker.

A lovely hot breakfast was immediately served to each guest upon entering the room, complete with piping hot coffee. Floyd was a charming, informative speaker. She discussed her creative process of writing her speech as Procras-preating, or a blend between procrastination and inspiration, which all of us have experienced.

Her talk focused on finding inspiration and the general purpose of private instruction, and her three talking points covered the following concepts:

  1. Where teachers find their inspiration and motivation;
  2. The teaching triad is a model for organizing concepts taught, factoring in preferred attitudes, and behaviors used to communicate;
  3. Tips for students to stay motivated.

The session ended with a brief question-answer session and thoughtful discussion of concepts from the room.

—Cynthia Ellis