August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Flute Choir Reading Session #3

Janet Stodd

Despite the early hour and a conflict with the concert Inspired Music for Low Flutes, there was a good showing of participants playing low flutes and high flutes alike for this reading session conducted by Janet Stodd. In keeping with its title, “Flute Choir Favorites,” Stodd chose a wide variety of both recent compositions and tried-and-true favorites. The reading session included two pieces by myself, Phyllis Avidan Louke, Austin Alan Scott, Catherine McMichael, Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda, Ricky Lombardo, John Buckley, and Darlene Dugan, as well as works arranged by Kelly Via, Ervin Monroe, Robert L. Cathey, and Nancy Nourse.

—Phyllis Louke

photo by Rich Stodd