August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Christina Jennings Masterclass

At a session that included about 50 people, Christina Jennings led a masterclass for three selected high school flutists that included helpful tips both general and regarding a specific work. Among her words of advice:

  • Work on playing harmonics to improve your high register notes.
  • Practice standing on one leg to get more belly support to get the higher note to come out cleaner.
  • Think of yawning to make sure your jaw is open when playing the flute or to keep you from clinching your jaw closed. Also think of keeping your nasal passages open.

When studying the Mozart G Major Concerto:

  • Four beats are not created equal. Beat one is the most important beat, with beat three being the second most important.  
  • Marching band is great for rhythm, but when playing Mozart, think more horizontally, not vertically.  
  • Mozart’s rule of something happening three times happens all the time in this concerto.

—Ronda Benson Ford