August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Flute Sonatas and Sonatinas Featuring Irina Stachinskaya and Luciano Tristaino

Irina Stachinskaya

Flute Sonatas and Sonatinas Featuring Irina Stachinskaya and Luciano Tristaino

The National Flute Association we may be, but this recital featured two formidable international talents. Young Irina Stachinskaya performed first, offering the Samonov Sonata, a Tarantella by Vladimir Zybin, the Denisov Sonata, and the Taktakishvili Sonata. Stachinskaya's performance was fiery and passionate. She has a wonderful stage presence and she communicated playfully with the audience throughout the performance. Her tone is memorably exquisite, clear and colorful with a broad, impressive dynamic range. Part of the excitement of her performance was generated by her willingness to take musical risks—for her, the gambles seemed to pay off every time. Her control was enviable: From sheer, ethereal moments in the Denisov to the tremendous technical requirements of the Tarantella, Stachinskaya's performance was extremely satisfying.

Luciano Tristaino played second, and he infused the recital with his gentle and charming spirit. His selections included the Sancan Sonatine, the Burton Sonatine, and the Gieseking Sonatina. I was very much impressed by his long phrases and the range of colors on his musical palette. We Americans tend to play the Burton with a lot of gravitas—perhaps more than the piece warrants. I was struck by Tristaino’s light-hearted, matter-of-fact presentation. It was as if I was hearing a new piece of music! Likewise, his Gieseking was filled with whimsy and spirit.

My only regret for these two beautiful performances is that the audience was not more full, and I sincerely hope that we will see both of them at NFA in the future.

—Jessica Dunnavant

photo by Brian Covington