August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Newly Published Music Concert

Convention Performers Competition winners Janet McKay (piccolo and flute), Chelsea Koziatek (piccolo and flute), and Mattie Greathouse (flute and alto flute), with Nolan Pearson, piano, performed a sensational recital of music selected from the winners, finalists, and honorable-mention recipients in the Newly Published Music Competition. Each performer showed versatility on multiple instruments and musicality and technical facility in every piece. It was exciting to hear these new pieces and imagine incorporating them in future programs!

The program included works, as listed in the convention program book, by Dana H. Joras, Gary Schocker, Carlos Guedes, Blaz Pucihar, Lindsay Bryden, Ian Clarke, and Eric Ewazen, and—regettably omitted from the program book—Lauren Bernofsky’s Sonatine (2013), published by Theodore Presser and performed by Mattie Greathouse. (The editor apologizes for this error.)

The complete list of winners of the Newly Published Music Competition can be found here. (Find the Annual Convention tab at and select “competitions” and then “competition winners.”)

—Karen McLaughlin Large