August 2014 Convention
Chicago, IL

Beaudiment, Piccolos, Friends, Compositions—and Chicago

I think my eyes and ears opened widest during Julien Beaudiment’s remarkable performance of the Mozart concerto, transcending the notes into an experience that was both entertaining and profound. Beaudiment’s improvised stage business with conductor Clyde Mitchell (who kept the orchestra in sync through unplanned antics) made the whole experience even more miraculous.

I join many colleagues in praising the hotel itself—convenient logistics between events and exhibits, no lines at the elevators or restaurants, and welcome acoustics and room temperatures in the performing spaces.

Although I wasn’t able to get to many performances, the “And Then There Were Nine” piccolo event was a sparkling highlight that brought a fresh idea and many performers rave reviews.

I finally got to meet in person many new social-media friends.

Above all, I’m thrilled and grateful for the performances of my own music, beautifully presented by Sarah Jackson, Nicole Esposito, and Cindy Anne Broz.

Cindy Anne Broz, Martin Amlin, and Daniel Dorff


Sarah Jackson premiering Dorff’s Flash! with Clyde Mitchell conducting the Chicago Philharmonic


Daniel Dorff with matching tie and cover art.

Paula Kasica holding a copy of Shulamit Ran’s new Birds of Paradise, both clothed in peacock art.


Dorff meeting composer Derek Charke.

Hannah Leffler and Cindy Anne Broz looking related.


Dorff with Pulitzer-prize winner composer Shulamit Ran, whose music was commissioned by the Chicago Flute Club.

Dorff arrived in Chicago two days early to enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago.

—Daniel Dorff