August 2015 Convention
Washington, D.C.

Myrna Brown Dine-Around

NFA President Zart Dombourian-Eby and Mimi Stillman (fourth and third from left, respectively) were among diners at Petits Plats. 

photo by Karen Large

Thirty flutists gathered for the annual dine-around for new convention attendees, a longstanding NFA tradition held in the memory of flutist Myrna Brown, who always encouraged friendship among flute players. This dinner gave new and seasoned convention attendees the opportunity to network, talk about the convention, and make new flute friends.

Mia Dreese, Patricia Harper, NFA Executive Director Kelly Jocius, and Frances Blaisdell Scholarship recipient Taylor Gaines.

photo by Karen Large

The group split into smaller parties and had dinner at Medaterra, Umi Japanese Cuisine, and Petits Plats. We were thrilled to have special guests at the dinner—Mimi Stillman, Zart Dombourian-Eby, Kelly Jocius, Anne Welsbacher, and Ana Batinica. The dinner no doubt created friendships that will last for many years (and conventions!) to come.

Medaterra was a popular choice for many Myrna Brown Dine-Around participants.

photo by Karen Large

—Karen Large